Hiya, my name is Cracky4 
I've been making games on Roblox for around 5 years, in that time I have released 3 titles: Defenders of Roblox, Jailbreak, and Icebreaker. I am currently working on my 4th game titled "Castaway" with ForyxeV, we initially worked on this project at Roblox HQ in California and are now finishing it from our houses in New Zealand. I'll be keeping this space on my profile updated with my progress on respective projects. 

Stay tuned

Creating Castaway with ForyxeV
- Ai enemies
- Finish islands
- Shop
- PolishRead More


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  • Defenders Of Roblox!

    Update: I have restored the game to a reasonably playable state, I will not be adding updates I might try restore this one day, but for now this page exists as a gravestone for my first Roblox game. Defenders of Roblox was my first attempt at making a game and was created as I learned to code, it was never intended to become popular. One day mid 2014 it hit the #1 spot with no ads run, easily one of the most euphoric days of my life and big kick-start to my Roblox career. It hit the #1 spot on popular a couple more times in the following year before falling off. Defenders of Roblox is a story driven survival game where a team of players fend off over 30 stages of Zombies. Videos of Defenders of Roblox:

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  • Jailbreak!

    Some games are better left to die. This game hit the top spot of the popular sort on boxing day 2014. It reached over 6,000 concurrent players which was quite a rare feat at the time. The game fell off shortly after, in 2017 asimo3089 and badcc released their Jailbreak game (they kindly asked permission to use the name) which is far more impressive than this, that can be found here: Jailbreak is a round based cops and robbers themed game where cops attempt to capture the criminals. Criminals can sneak into the jail to "Jailbreak" their incarcerated teammates. Videos of Jailbreak:

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  • Icebreaker!

    In Icebreaker! two teams go head to head trying to freeze all players on the other team. Players can unfreeze (thaw) their teammates to avoid defeat. Other game-modes include hide and seek where the hiders cannot freeze the seekers and must hide, and the Ice Cream boss battle! New updates: Fixed a bunch of bugs Added exploiter votekick Removed Christmas lobby Icebreaker was released in February 2017, not 2013 as the place creation date indicates. 📬Follow Cracky4 on Twitter: @Cracky4Roblox (it's also the best way to contact me) Official group (channel in desc):

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