My development process:
"Update coming real soon!"
*A week later*
"Yeah, itsa comin'! Stay tuned!"
*A month later*
"I mean it'll probably happen some point this year..."
*One year later*
"....what was I doing again?"Read More


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  • Star Wars: Space Battle

    Battle fer space supremacy as the Galactic Republic or the Confederacy of Independent Systems! Spaceships programmed by Yup3600, models and other scripting created by DrEgguin. Please PM me with any feedback you have about the game (You must follow me to do this) Enhanced the skybox using IBTV's awesome 3D skybox tool! Check it out here: www.roblox.com/library/2613880977/3D-Skybox WARNING: This game may lag on lower-end computers and on slow internet connections

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  • Fishing with Sanic the Hurdgeheg

    Can you catch Froggy? Co-developed with Yup3600 Added a voice menu for fun and games. I also fixed the game a bit more yay me. Disclaimer: Sanic may or may not actually be in the game. We don't know. If you can catch Sanic, then you win the game. But he's probably not in there. Disclaimer 2: Not the official 'Big's Big Fishing Adventure 3'

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  • The Serious Room

    A place for important, very serious meetings. WARNING: This is a very serious place. It is where I and other people go to be serious. If you cannot enter this place with 100% seriousness, then your brain will probably explode, due to the level of seriousness that this place emits. Consider yourself warned....

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