Battle for space supremacy in the Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil War!

Escape from Hoth update! Features a new map and gamemode, plus 2 new ships!

Known bug: If your weapon doesn't reload automatically after firing it, try pressing [R] to manually reload.

Please make sure the game window is full size / fullscreen when you start the game. If the window starts too small it may cause some bugs with mouse movement even after resizing.

Spaceships originally programmed by Yup3600
Models and scripting by DrEgguin
Rebel Pilot model and TIE Pilot vest model by CorpalBrandon
GR-75 transport model by Daniel (@DanielAndersson) on SketchFab

WARNING: This game may lag on lower-end computers and on slow internet connections. Also, this game is NOT made for VR.


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