Hey there, I’m Jezzie! I’m a 23 year old Roblox developer, YouTube partner, and third-year animation student from Canada (she/her).


I only accept friend requests from people I know. Feel free to follow though, I often have my joins open. You can contact me on Twitter (@RobloxGymnastic or @JessieColborne).

Check out my game here: https://www.roblox.com/games/582016015/Gymnastics-Gymnasium


Here are some of my achievements: 
- Three Roblox toys
- Game on front page & "learn and explore" feed
- Reached 70+ million plays
- Reached 250k+ group members
- "Regular" on the DevForum
- Participant of Developer Events

Fun Facts:
- I am an INFJ and Sagittarius, born on December 2nd.
- I'm a cat whisperer and love all animals.
- I used to do voice acting.
- I am a Barbie collector.
- I have a grey cat named Ollie and a border collie named Jack.
- I do horse riding. I ride a fjord horse.
- Previous ballet dancer, volleyball player, and track & field athlete. 🏐💃


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