Hi there! I'm the creator of Clone Tycoon 2 and Skyblock 2, and the lead developer of Restaurant Tycoon. I own a development group called UltraGames, and I'm the main scripter for the group. 

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  • Street Simulator (Teleporter)

    This is a teleport to my groups game called street simulator. Here's the actual game https://www.roblox.com/games/1583088520/Street-Simulator

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  • Ultraw's Jigsaws

    The only thing in this game is jigsaws. Don't expect anything more

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  • Gym Island Free Trial

    This is a free trial. (Full Game costs 34 robux)

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  • 🍔 Restaurant Tycoon

    [Update] -Added African Chefs, 10 African Food Items. -Press "World Star Chefs" to hire one -Added Africa Map -Added Jeep -Added 5 new furniture items -Increased chef limit to 12 In restaurant tycoon, you can build and run your very own restaurant! Choose from a variety of delicious food types (American, Mexican, Italian, etc) and develop your restaurant into an amazing tycoon with workers, music, and more! Make sure to visit the store, or buy cash, to enhance your restaurant tycoon experience, and build the restaurant of your dreams! A game by UltraGames: -Group - https://www.roblox.com/My/Groups.aspx?gid=2755785 -Main Developer - Ultraw @Rbx_Ultra -Builders - Kindoodle, AtomixKing, DerpyMcDerpell, Catzario, gerk1, Duck_ify, CyaIm -Thanks to MisterCrazyGuy for the thumbnail render. -Thanks to Mightty, myKittyKatz, Asprince (group) for making some of the food items.

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  • Clone Tycoon 2 🌌

    Watch this video to see some cool clone tycoon 2 secrets: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouWYiWboTig Watch this video for 2 free codes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvWIAnWdysU Clone Tycoon 2 - Clone yourself and create an army of clones. Upgrade your tycoon, develop your clones, and build a research lab in this exciting cloning simulator. Customise your clones into zombies, pirates, superheroes, noobs or much more! Unlock special guns, swords, baby clones, kid clones, planes and rockets on your way to becoming the king of the cloning universe. Game Developers: -Main Developer: Ultraw @Rbx_Ultra -Building Help: HIERO_GLYPH, Catzario, LordExamples, DerpyMcDerpell, gerk1 -Translators: NinjaMiguelPt A game by UltraGames https://www.roblox.com/My/Groups.aspx?gid=2755785

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  • 🍕 Pizza Factory Tycoon

    Update on 16th January: -Added Saving -Added R15 -Pizza Bike now works on mobile. -Minor changes to restaurant, map and pizza icons. In Pizza Factory Tycoon, you create your own pizza factory. Build your own restaurant and serve customers with pizzas, soft drinks and milkshakes. Enjoy the game! Built and Scripted by @Rbx_Ultra

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  • Clone Tycoon

    A game where you build up an army of your own clones. Clone Tycoon 2 also exists, so play that if you would prefer a more up to date experience. Buy the gamepasses in the store :) Follow me on twitter @RBX_Ultra

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  • Skyblock 2 ⛏️

    Welcome to Skyblock Tycoon 2! In this game you can develop your very own islands. Skyblock 2 includes: -A completely rebuilt tycoon and modern tycoon system. -New farming, including planting crops and saplings and having a chicken farm. -Enemy mobs (Spider, Ghost, Zombie) -Much better sound, lighting, animations and guis. -Added selling resources for cash -Added a treehouse -Much more Creators: Ultraw, @Rbx_Ultra xxAtomixKingxx, DerpyMcDerpell

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