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We fight with blood with fight with skill
We do our duty by getting each kill
With the boom of a shot, from your big ole' gun
That is the sign that the war has begun
The cry of a man, the slash of the blade
That is when the first kill has been made
We win with courage, honor and more,
Because we are strong right down to the core.
We fight for the right of our strong clan
So suit up for battle and become a true man.

       -Poem credits to me-
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  • Escape the School 1:The First Plan

    Escape the School 2: This is a school. Trapped in to learn for 8 hours. Finally you and a few other guys got up a plan to get out, ditch school. We all thought it was easy, until we realized how messed up this school is. Apparently there are tons of booby traps and such down while class is in session. This just feels like your trapped in a prison! We are now more determined to escape, but you can't be a whimp because there will be many traps. Are you ready, do YOU accept?

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  • Escape the School 2: Detention Break Out

    Here is the return of Escape the School 1's sequel! At the end of Escape the School 1 you were caught by the teachers. You were sure that you could make it, but now you are here, stuck in detention. But real rebels don't stop at detention. A new plan is devised to get out of detention and get away from this school! Are you up for the challenge?

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  • Escape the School: The First School [Classic]

    **This is the original Escape the School, it was remade into Escape the School: The First Plan later on, with a new layout and everything. This is just a bring back of a classic.** You thought 1 was actually the first? Well think again. The guys you were hanging with were actually at this school for awhile. They got out so they had to be transfered. Come escape with them on their old quest.

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  • Who Ruined Christmas? *Obby*

    On Christmas night, something wrong is amiss. Its a disapearence...of someone very important, Santa.. Who has kidnapped him? Well we don't know... There are some detectives available....but...welll...lets just say they aren't so bright. YOU must do it. You are the last detective available,and now its yours. You must find Santa and save Christmas, or, let this evil man get away with his crimes..

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  • *WIP*

    Soon to be an intriguing mystery/horror

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