🥳 Tifton update released, and FIXED ALL ZOMBIE PROBLEMS BY NOW! New zombie types, motel revamp, macon new store, gamepass changes and more all was completed. More update soon likely!

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🧟‍♂️This game is a roleplay game mixed with a survival element set in the zombie apocalypse. Survive as many days as possible by collecting resources and killing NPC zombies.
   -  If you die, awake as a ZOMBIE! Be careful to not get bit! If you get bit, you will have to amputate a limb, or die! 

📖 A few weeks into the zombie apocalypse, you have to survive by all means necessary. With all food gone bad, you have to search for canned food and bottles of water to survive. You must continue to find safe locations and collect ammo and gas to drive across the state of Georgia or into the state of Florida.

Tags(Ignore): Zombie, Zombie, Walking, Walking Dead, The Walking Dead, Apocalypse, Apocalypse, Zombie Apocalypse, All of us are Dead, Military, Simulator  


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