Roblox developer. Creator of Space Tycoon, and Robbing Tycoon.

Play my new game Space Tycoon! I am hoping this game will be bigger than Robbing Tycoon was when it was peaking! 🚀

Thanks for 12 million visits on Robbing Tycoon!! This is a great milestone in a little over a year! Use code "10MilVisits" for free crystals.🎉🎈


  • Space Tycoon (Belt) 🌠🛰🌌

    -Shutdowns are complete - update is fixed... 🌠ASTEROID BELT UPDATE RELEASED; Read in game change log for full details! BIGGEST UPDATE EVER RELEASED: FLYABLE SPACESHIP, VISITABLE MOONS, TONS OF FLAGS, LEVEL 7 FLOOR, 6TH SERVER SLOT, AND ALPHA CENTAURI(Proxima b) RELEASED! 💎👍Use code: "Five Thousand" for free gems!👍 Even better code coming at 15k likes! 💎 ❓How to play: - Build a NASA HQ on Earth, and journey to space.🏢 - Fly your rocket to planets, and moons. (Build colonies with supplies from HQ) 🌎🚀🌑 - Capture flags for teleportation across the galaxy! 🏴🌌 - Fight different difficulties of NPC aliens! 👽 - Help your server with team builds(International Space Station, and Pluto Alien Department) 💎💰 📊 Saves automatically! Note: The ISS does not save, but colonies save assuming you resupply them. 🤑If you have premium, you earn 20% more cash, and get a chat tag.

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  • STAR WARS: Battle Scenarios (Geonosis)

    Fight bots in different Star Wars battles as a Jedi! Accumulate kills, and credits to unlock new items and abilities. ⚔ -NEW STAR WARS EPISODIE 2 GEONOSIS MAP😲 The more people in your server the more enemies to fight, and the harder they become to fight! 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 This game is still having large pieces added on to it. If there is an interest, development will be continue. I don't want to waste months making this game if will will flop like Escape. Tags(Ignore): Star wars, Star Wars, Star wars, Star wars, Battle, batte, jedi, sith, jedi vs sith, vader, luke, yoda, anakin, Star, Wars, Battle, Scenarios, Bots, PVE, Dungeon, PVP, Quest, Star, Wars, order 66, Star wars 🗺Current Maps: Order 66, Genosis Arena, Death Star, Vader's Castle, and Sith Temple.

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  • Robbing 💵Tycoon (MILITARY & CITY BANK)

    🤯😲🔫12/31/21: MILITARY BASE/AMPLIFY BLACK HOLE GUN! 💵12/30/21: CITY BANK ROBBERY/ NPC COP UPDATE RELEASED. Read in game change log for full details. 👍New code at 22k likes!👍 Build a bank while stealing from other players. Complete NPC robberies like the Armored Truck, and Jewelry Store to gain money and crystals to upgrade your tycoon, BUT be careful of cops! Getting killed by a cop will send you to jail, and you will lose money!💰👮‍♂️ 📊 Saves automatically! 🤑If you have roblox premium, you earn 20% more cash! If you like this game, show support by liking or favoriting the game. 👍 Important Notes: 1: Social links contain tutorials if you're stumped. 2: Your crystal mine and boat save, but you have to buy them again to claim ownership. Then your progress loads. Tags(Ignore): Bank, Robbing, Tycoon, Robbing, Tycoon, Jailbreak, Jail, Cops, Mad city, Criminal, heist, robbery, prison life, museum, cash, tycoon

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