Snake slithering simulator game with non-stop PVP action!  Can you wear the crown?

🚀 UPDATED! Mar 18
New! Cyborg Eyes!
New! Munch Mouth!
New Emotes! Rock On, Shaka Brah, and Troll Face!

NOTE: if you lag out on iOS, you should uninstall the Roblox app and reinstall it. This fixes most peoples' lag issues!

⭐ Increase your Rank to improve Boost and Brake abilities!

RECOMMENDED: Official Strategy Guide

🔥 FREE PRIVATE SERVERS!  Play solo or with friends to farm those delicious neon dots!

🅿️ PREMIUM Players receive these special benefits:
* Gold color
* Gold aura
* Rank +2
* Gold + 3,000
* Revive Donut +1
* Rare Emote Token +1

Note: is not the original snake-themed game. The snake game genre actually emerged in 1976 and was popularized on Nokia phones beginning in 1997. source: Wikipedia topic "Snake (video game genre)"


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