Based on / recreation of soulshatters which is based on Undertale.
Thumbnails by @HikarimaNoah, @RizaTiz, @EliteWiazard3, @DuckDev5520 

Console must play with a keyboard and mouse Controls:
Left Click (LMB) - Melee
F - Block
R - Teleport 
Q and E - Switch mode 
1-9 - Skills
Left shift - Run
L or MMB - Lock on to target
Double tap W,A,S,D to dash (keep holding to run) 

• Do not use exploits. [Permanent ban] 
• Do not use alts or friends to farm kills. [Data reset]
• Do not evade KDR loss. [Data reset] 
• Do not abuse game breaking bugs [1w ban and/or a Data Reset depending on abuse] 
• Do not follow and target players through servers. [Permanent ban] 
• Do not harass players through chat / private messages. [5d ban] 
• Do not participate in community servers/clans that include an "Alternate Battlegrounds" kill on Sight list. [Permanent ban]


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