• Alternate Battlegrounds

    Based of / recreation of soulshatters which is based of Undertale. Thumbnail by @HikarimaNoah, @DuckDev5520 Controls: Left Click (LMB) - Melee F - Block R - Teleport Q and E - Switch mode 1-9 - Skills Left shift - Run L or MMB - Lock on to target Double tap W,A,S,D to dash (keep holding to run) Rules: No Exploiting No Alt Farming No challenging/reseting to escape KDR loss

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  • Mic Drop (Desc)

    [Warning] This game contains flashing and strobing lights. credit to ninjamuffin for the original idea The new roblox audio policy will make it basically impossible to chart your existing audio, you will have to upload and share your own when roblox makes it available.

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