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get a drink at 3 am is a game where your objective is to get a drink... at 3 AM. explore your house and local neighborhood in a WORLD full of secrets... and maybe even find a drink! you don't have much time, good luck.

— currently available endings: 30

"This is one of the games ever made"- IGN
"30 different endings and a whole world of pain ahead of us"- Sketch
"Your boy a little thirsty" - GamingWithKev "what time is it anyway" - Sebee
"TOILET WATERRR" - Jayingee 

This is an ending-based game inspired on "get a snack at 4 am" by Stixxal (check it out if you haven't!). While there are similarities, this game is fundamentally different than Stixxal's in many ways and should not be considered a "fan-game". version 0.8.1 (beta - pre-release) 

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