• get a drink at 3 am [👁️ FINAL UPDATE]

    👁️ THE LONG-AWAITED FINAL UPDATE IS HERE... WILL YOU GET TO THE END? 💥 in this game, your objective is to get a drink at... 3 am. or don't! explore your house and neighbourhood, fight a cat, accept Ben's challenge or cause a natural disaster, all in search of a drink! the more endings you complete, the closer you'll be to discovering what's truly going on... — total number of endings: 30 (+ 2 final endings) "This is one of the games ever made" - IGN "30 different endings and a whole world of pain ahead of us" - Sketch "Your boy a little thirsty" - GamingWithKev "what time is it anyway" - Sebee "TOILET WATERRR" - Jayingee This is an ending-based game inspired on "get a snack at 4 am" and is similar to "NEED MORE HEAT". While there are similarities, this game is fundamentally different than those games in many ways and should not be considered a "fan-game". version 1.0 (full game release) 👥 Credits: https://devforum.roblox.com/t/2290532

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  • The Totally Regular Elevator

    Your boss at the company "Ascend Corportation" has called you in to his office. You now need to ride the TOTALLY REGULAR main building elevator. Now, making it up there is easier said than done... This game will slowly phase out all re-used content in favor of new, improved, original content. Thanks for sticking with us. ❗ Inspired by games like: The Normal Elevator, The Scary Elevator, REGRETEVATOR, Insane Elevator & more! 🗣️ This game is a remake of an older version of this same game. This is a little side-project of mine that I occasionally work on. This game is developed by Ransomwavee, the creator of "get a drink at 3 am".

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