❗Released: new space ship, 50+ buttons, expanded bridge, heli rework, new station, more quests! Help this game revive(Share/spend)! 
 -Makemake colony, and bloom/better planet effects coming soon!
👍Use code: "Thirty Thousand" & "2kActive" for free gems! 💎
❓How to play:
- Build a NASA HQ on Earth, and journey to space.🏢
- Fly your rocket to planets, and moons. (Build colonies with supplies from HQ) 🌎🚀🌑
- Capture flags for teleportation across the galaxy! 🏴🌌
- Fight different difficulties of NPC aliens! 👽
- Help your server with team builds(International Space Station, and Pluto Alien Department)  💎💰

📊 Saves automatically!

🤑If you have premium, you earn 20% more cash, and get a chat tag.

🎮If you like this tycoon, play my other tycoons.

Tags(Ignore): Space, Space Sailors, Explore, Open world, galaxies, future, rocket, space ships, tycoon, fighting, build, Robbing Tycoon, aliens, Galaxy, Sailors, Station, fighting, pvp, flag


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