❗ Welcome to Roblox Pro League also known as RPL ❗
               **Game Updates On Saturdays!**

[Space]: For Rolling
[E]: To Emote
[K]: To Open Menu
[O]: To Create A Party
[G]: To Open The Store

How to play RPL:
    👕 Create your own gang, choose your outfits, and go against rival players.
    🗺️ Use the play menu to join the new Ramps, Arena, Rooftop, and Redzone maps!
    💸 The more interactive you are with the game your kills and cash will increase!
    ✨ Compete & wager with other people playing Roblox Pro League.

👥💵 Join the group!

Inspired by Hood Customs, FiveM PVP and Da Hood

Make sure to check our Social Links below & join the community for any updates on the game!

If you'd like to support us and our game, please like and favorite the game! 👍⭐


There are currently no running experiences.