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    🏆 Join Roblox Pro League (RPL) - Weekly Updates Every Saturday! 🏆 👾 Game Controls: [Space]: Roll [E]: Emote [K]: Open Menu [O]: Create Party [G]: Access Store 🎮 How to Play: Form Your Gang: Customize your gang's outfits and take on rivals. Explore New Maps: Dive into diverse environments like Ramps, Arena, Rooftop, and Redzone. Earn Rewards: Increase your kills and cash through active gameplay. Compete & Bet: Challenge others in the league to rise through the ranks. PRIVATE SERVER = private ramp 🔗 Join Our Community: See social links for our communications channel Become part of the RPL group for exclusive member benefits! Join here: https://www.roblox.com/groups/6121518/RPL-Roblox-Pro-League#!/about 🌟 Inspired by popular games like Hood Customs, FiveM PVP, and Da Hood. 📢 Stay Connected: Follow our social links to stay updated with the latest game news and community events! 💖 Support Us: Like and favorite RPL to help us grow! Your support means the world to us.

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