1.5 is adds 2 new weapons, 4 skins, 2 badges, and 1 map! Plus numerous improvements!

Pocket Combat is a 12 player shooter game with movement inspired by platformers! Mix and match 31 toylike weapons to perfect your fighting style, and combine them with the power of badges to dominate the arena!

 Use /votekick username in case someone starts cheating. Caps aren't spent when unlocking a weapon, and bottles are used for models! You can use randomizer / shuffle weapons to use weapons you don't own!

 (!) I HIGHLY recommend the tutorial, since this game's most basic mechanics can be confusing for newer players. This game is also based on and balanced around movement-tech combined hard-to-hit targets, so this game might not feel fun for everyone. 

Check out the store for cosmetics and boosts!


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