This is similar (but not an exact replica) to Dead by Daylight.
*The game is getting rewritten, expect no updates for now

Skillchecks: You will get a skillcheck, press Spacebar when the needle is in the zone. Click the generator button to get off the generator.

Survivor Controls:
Press SPACE while near Pallets to DROP
Hold LCTRL to crouch
Hold SHIFT and MOVE to do actions faster, such as vaulting and running.
Click objects to interact.

Killer Controls:
Equip [Swing] to attack or pick up survivors.
Press SPACE to vault windows or break pallets.
Click Generators to break them.

Audio Cues:
Door Close - Someone Escaped.
Heartbeat - Killer is close.
Horn - Exit Gate is Open.
Explosion - Someone Broke a Generator.
Wind - Hatch is near.

Cheating in competitive games are never tolerable!
Abusing Exploits - Banned until Exploit Fixed
Injecting Scripts - Permanent Ban
Teaming - Permanent Ban
Game Throwing - Score Deduction

Private Servers


This game does not support Private Servers.


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