[I fixed the issues and the game should run smoother from now on]

Life wasn't fair to Lizzy. I created this game to honor her time down on Earth, and give her Roblox supporters a chance to talk about it without having to have a social media page. Lizzy is up in the sky, playing with mermaids, clouds, and unicorns. Her spirit shone brighter than the stars. Here, we can celebrate her life

--October 2004 to November 2019--

I have asked people in our community to share their words and sweet condolences for me to feature in this game. For all art here,I got permission from the creator.

- Please respect other people's grief and sadness and remember that we all move on at our own rates. If you witness any trolling/disrespect/hacking, please ignore the person (don't give them the attention they seek), and report their username in my group wall. They'll be exiled. Thank you. 

❤❤❤ Fly High Lizzy !❤❤❤

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