Lizzy Winkle Memorial:
Hi, I'm Luna! I'm a small developer here on Roblox.
• Creator of Royale High Tips and Tricks
• Administrator for Royale Fandom (Ask if you'd like a rank-up)
• Jewish (only celebrate Jewish holidays and not Christmas, etc.)
Only online on weekends and breaks :)

• There will always be people who won't like you, no matter how nice you are. But that's okay!
• Nobody is paying attention to your flaws or analyzing your every move, they're all too busy worrying about their own insecurities. 
• Feel negative emotions when you need to feel them, then let it go. Don't let it consume you.
• Before you comment something rude on someone's hard work, think about how they only wanted to make you smile.

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  • Lizzy Winkle Memorial

    Life wasn't fair to our dearest Lizzy. I created this game to honor her time down on Earth, and give her Roblox supporters a chance to talk about it without having to have a social media page. Lizzy is up in the beautiful sky, playing with mermaids, clouds, and unicorns. Her spirit shone brighter than the stars. Here, we can celebrate her life and share fond memories. I have asked my followers and a few influencers to share their kind words and sweet condolences for me to feature in this game. For all art/edits/photos featured, I got permission from the creator. - Please respect other people's grief and sadness and remember that we all move on at our own rates. If you witness any trolling/disrespect, please ignore the person (don't give them the attention they seek), and report their username in my group wall. They'll be exiled. Thank you. ❤❤❤ Fly High Lizzy !❤❤❤

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  • Royale High Tips and Tricks!

    Welcome to Royale High Tips and Tricks! • Tea/Leaks • Halo Stories • Diamond Earning Strategies • Advice from your fellow Royale High fans And more! 🍂UPDATE LOG🍂 (Shutdowns = Updates!) • I've made a decision that I'm going to release the new version right at the start of December because it's no use preparing a fall/November update when there are only a few days left. This will give me time to make the new version better. All of your patience is appriciated! :D ◦ CREDITS◦  • Barbie & the Team, for creating Royale High! • Seashell_Luna - Scripter + Builder • Main Thumbnail Artist: ◦ REACH ME◦  • My Group - Seashell Games • Tweeter - @Seashell Bunny (no spaces)

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