Escape Le Monkes eternal prison with the throne room of
the lord of hell himself le monke
-he double hockey sticks is finished
-THE CAR KEYS can you find these if so you will be rewarded(in a future update)
the closing area of bad place is a re-creation of a classroom
'room 14' with silly amounts of detail that took way to long
you can now reach one stop which is fully completed with the shelves stocked with beans,bru,adult bru,smokey sticks and cheese sandwiches
also tk max is done so yeah that to

if you manage to enjoy this the yay
smol update
funny skeleton theme plays(may be changed in the future)
changed the bridge so the kill bricks are slightly visible
Minor update
speedruns these exist now
no glitches                                               glitches        
1:20m 48 sec-Boris_Jhonson108
Also the beggining of the ice age DLC can you find sid sloth shrine(caution very early development)

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