If you are restricted from joining and would like to play send me a friend request

** Press P to open the menu and view the store or select a weapon! **

- Summer Camp event finished
- Old maps added back in
- 7 new summer themed maps
- New summer lobby
- New sounds
- A lot of bug fixes
- Added crouching and lying down
- Spectate button during elimination
- Can no longer place killstreaks in objects or near enemy spawns
- Paint should not slow down during lag
- Gave helicopter less health
- Increased sensitivity of sentry gun

Helicopter controls: WASD - Move, QE - Move up or down, Click - Fire, F - Fire rocket

Controls: 1 - Select your paintball gun, Q / RMB - Aim, L Shift - Run faster, C - Crouch, L Ctrl / X - Lie down, F - Throw paint grenade, R- Reload, P - View menu


There are currently no running experiences.