Welcome to Make a Cake! Grab a block of batter and take it through the stations in the factory to make your own unique cake.

🌟 Rank up and unlock access to The Hall of The True Baker
⭐ Compete weekly to try and become one of the Baking Elite
✅ Complete tasks and recipes and earn dozens of achievements and milestones
🍰 Create your own pet cake and customize it using the factory stations
📝 Write your own recipes and share them with others
😋 Eat your cakes or feed the Giant Noob
😱 Jump in the cake stations to turn yourself into cake
🔥 Destroy unwanted cakes in the Incineration Room
🍫 Explore secrets within the chocolate island around the factory
🚽 Explore the deep depths of the sewer below the Giant Noob
👽 Experiment with your cakes in the Research Facility
🎵 Listen to over 30 original songs and make your own playlists
🍥 Go to the Cake Museum and play the other versions of the game

We are getting things ready for a Holiday Update in December, stay tuned! 🎄


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