• ★Make a Cake And Feed the Giant Noob★

    Come play the modern version of Make a Cake here: https://www.roblox.com/games/39972972/ Welcome to Make a Cake and Feed the Giant Noob! With many choices of making your cake, there are a total of 307 combinations of cakes! There are 6 stations in making your cake, and then you feed it to the Giant Noob. There are 17 flavors to have for your cakes, including: strawberry, chocolate, cherry, Hotdog, N00B, bacon, blueberry, and vanilla. There are also multiple options of toppings and oven temperatures. Every second you are in the game, you earn 1$, to use in the shop where there is over 25 items to buy! Complete the mini obby for extra in-game cash!

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  • Make a Cake! [Update!]

    We have updated the cleanup system in the game, added an unclogging tool, a janitor outfit, and private server mod panels. Check it out! 🌟 Rank up and unlock access to The Hall of The True Baker ⭐ Compete weekly to try and become one of the Baking Elite ✅ Complete tasks and recipes and earn dozens of achievements and milestones 🍰 Create your own pet cake and customize it using the factory stations 😋 Eat your cakes or feed the Giant Noob 😱 Jump in the cake stations to turn yourself into cake 🍫 Explore secrets within the chocolate island around the factory 👽 Experiment with your cakes in the Research Facility 🎵 Listen to over 30 original songs and make your own playlists This game was formerly called "Make a Cake: Back for Seconds!". You can play that version of the game by clicking the button named "Legacy" on the main menu!

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