V2: 30% Finished [Paused]

-Settings in Main Menu will soon be able to adjust graphics.
-Multiplayer uses V1.5.
-Feral Ghouls and Glowing Ones!
-Improved Radiation and "Humanity".
-When Humanity strikes 100 or lower, chance to turn into Feral Ghoul.
-When Radiation kills you, chance to turn into Glowing One.

🔃Death Valley Updates:
-Atomica, was an In-Active volcano until the bomb hit it.
-Atomica will erupt every five minutes, causing a fatal radstorm. Vaults are the safest places to be during when this happens, or you could be far far away. A siren will go off 10 seconds before it happens.
-Beta Version of Death Valley released, you might find a few templates in it, just ignore plz. :)

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