🔴 Buying Guns in shop will not spend your money.
🔴 Gamepasses last forever. Once you bought it, it gets unlocked and you can take it as long as you want.
🔴 There are tons of hidden guns in this game... Can you find them all?
🔴 Only CELLs (Your money), Gamepasses and Badges will be saved.
🔴 If you get disconnected, you can join the same server in 5 mins to recover your game progresses (including Guns, Minutes)

🔴 It's simple. Your mission is to survive in area 51!
🔴 Kill monsters, get cells, and buy weapons at shop!
🔴 Press Shift key to Run!
🔴 Click Sun/Moon button to toggle between Day/Night!

🔴 Patch
Smoother Door / Gate animations
Only applies to new servers

🔴 Update
Added 2 new craftable guns and 2 new badges!
Security Tablet now has arrow buttons!
Buffed Corrupted Rifle : Increased summoned hands damage
Nerfed Nightmare City Difficulty : Decreased summoned hands damage


There are currently no running experiences.