• Protect the Crystal : Classic

    Protect the Crystal at all costs! I'm working on its newer, a whole different version! (After my military service which ends soon...) Stay tuned! Temporarily Opened, can be closed at anytime! With Tons of Currencies, Materials! No need to grind, do everything! Just have a pure, good fun playing my 4 years old classic game... If you are first time playing and your level is 1, PLEASE REJOIN! Your level should be 49!!!

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  • Survive in Area 51

    🔴 If you are new, please read the Welcome screen! 🔴 It's simple. Your mission is to survive in area 51! 🔴 Kill monsters, get cells, and unlock new weapons at shop! 🔴 Get hidden weapons while exploring the map! 🔴 Press Shift key to Run! 🔴 v966 BML - 20% more damage Spitfire - 30% more burn duration Acid Gun - 25% less Spread Inglaciator - 35% less damage Dual Crossbow - 12% less damage Death Ray - 40% less Heal 🔴 v964 Inglaciator - 120% more damage Dual Crossbow - 30% more damage Scarecrow's Skull - 30% more firerate 🔴 v963 Added Free Blizzard Armor Added 2 new zones : Cultist Castle & Top Secret Ice Zone Added 2 new hidden weapons & 3 new craftables Removed Mini Weapons - Now everyone can use normal versions even with 0 cells. Added Starter tips : Disappears once you reach over 9999 cells. Added The End Thank you! 🔴 This game was HEAVILY inspired by homermafia's 'Survive and kill the killers in area 51'. This is not the original!

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