Update Nov 25

🐝 - 2 New Bees: Meet Stubborn Bee and Carpenter Bee! Stay near the marks they place on the field for hefty boosts.
🔬 - Science Bear Quests: Help Science Bear with 10 new experiments to unlock the Stick Bug, Riley, and Bucko Bee NPCs!
🌳 - Stick Bug Challenge: Team up with the entire server to take on this tricky boss! 
❓ - Riley and Bucko Quests: Complete quests for the two bee leaders to rank up on the Red/Blue HQ leaderboards!
🐌 - Stump Snail: The colossal Stump Snail roams the Stump Field. It contains huge rewards, but defeating it won't be easy...
🔨 - Crafting: Mix ingredients in the Blender to create helpful new items! Combine those items to build:
⛑️ - New Equipment: 6 new hats, 2 new guards, and 1 new belt. Some of them have special powers!

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