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[ Note: If you purchase the Bear Bee pass in game and don't receive the egg, leave and rejoin the game and it will automatically give it to you. ]

7/11: The BIGGEST update yet!

- Ant Challenge: Collect pollen to summon ants - defeat as many as you can in 5 minutes to earn rewards!
- Bee Leveling: Gather pollen, fight enemies, and feed treats to your bees to level them up and increase their stats!
- Mother Bear: Her quests will help explain the new content and how to level your bees. Read what she says!
- Gifted Bees: Bees have a tiny chance of being "Gifted" - granting them a special look, increased stats, and more!
- Amulets
- 15 new Panda Bear quests
- A whole lot more!

[ Note: Bees don't stay Gifted if you transform them! ]

Report bugs and exploits to BeeSwarmBugReport

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