Update Sep 10:

🐝 - 2 Brand new bees! Introducing:
🐶 - Puppy Bee: A playful bee who loves its ball! On sale in the Ticket Tent!
⚠️ - Vicious Bee: WARNING - This bee has gone rogue! Don't travel alone!

🐻 - Traveling Bear: Sun Bear is back in town for a limited time. He's brought some new goodies for you guys...
👟 - Boots: Increase your speed, jump higher, and collect pollen as you walk through flowers!
🌙 - Nighttime: Time has finally arrived at the mountain! When the sun goes down, you might be lucky enough to find Fireflies.
🌱 - Sprouts: If you're lucky, you may come across a giant Sprout! Work with your friends to collect pollen from the field to make it grow.
🚰 - Sprinklers: Use these new tools to make flowers grow faster!

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