• Bee Swarm Simulator

    [🎂 Celebrate Bee Swarm's 5th Anniversary with promo-code "5Years"! Grants x2 Pollen and Convert Rate for 48 hours and more! 🎂] ⚙️ Robo Bear: Compete in a rogue-like style minigame in which you complete rounds of timed quests, fight robotic enemies, unlock bees, and purchase upgrades. Awards Cog Amulets and Drives. 🖥️ Digital Bee: New Event Bee! A virtual bee with malfunctioning AI. Duplicates ability tokens and hacks enemies. Upgraded with Drives to permanently enhance its powers. 🎄 Beesmas Returns: Help Bee Bear make Presents to deliver to the other characters. Complete quests to decorate the map. Earn Gingerbread Bears and Snowflakes to purchase things in Bee Bear's Catalog. 🧢 Dapper Bear: 10 new quests that reward Beequip Case Slots and expands his shop. If you already have Case Slots from Bee Bear, this will reward extra Ticket Planters instead until it catches up to the amount new players would have. Bee Swarm Simulator Club:

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