This game is a series of dreams that are all highly detailed in showcase level quality. You start in your apartment, and once you fall asleep you can follow simple objectives to continue through this first person nostalgic, terrifying, and fun series of highly immersive dreams. 

Note: This game was made for fun and has little monetization, and because of that will likely not have many more updates. 
   - If it is well liked, I may add more dreams and possibly add more to the game, but its unlikely. Instead of having like 7+ dreams I only did 5, so that I could fix bugs so that's just a sacrifice for quality over quantity.. 

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Tags: Dream, Dreams, showcase, show, showcase, lucid, dreams, nostalgic, nostalgia, childhood, reality, life, apartment, reality, death, purpose, crisis, showcase, show, dreams, nightmare, water, oceans, pool, ocean, space, tycoon, dreams, dream


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