Hey! I'm darkbutters!

I'm an expert builder and amazing scripter.

I'm not on much, but when i'm on I try to answer my messages as I play games.

I don't have much friends because I only accept friend requests from well known new ROBLOXians.

Sorry if I don't answer your messages, I try to fit in alot of games.

Tye378 is my best friend in real life, he show me ROBLOX, and i was very confused from the start, but look at my games now!

My main account is Sk8terBoi99! I'm on there more, check me out!


  • Nightmare Mines

    Story: In 1988, the government of ROBLOXia opened the biggest mining facility in the world. Soon after in 2006 they discovered black, solid objects. It was nothing they had ever seen. In 2010, more and more was being found. They left it all alone until the manager ordered them to forge it and use it for a new possible fuel supply. Instead though, miner's began to change. They turned a strange brownish color and had the texture of a 20 day old body. Now, you and 8 other people are stuck and must get to the Sanctum of the mining facility to stop this reproduction of man eating monsters! Now mankind is on its end of extinction we cant let the pandemic take over. Can you find your way out of Nightmare Mines?

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