Hey! I'm ArmoredPatrolHero - you can call me APH.
I am the developer of Armored Patrol v9.5, an updated and maintained version of Wingman8's classic 2009 military game. I helped Wingman8 with debugging AP v9.0 in 2017 and AP v9.1 in 2018.

I am now working on Armored Patrol 2, a rewrite of the original game. In the future I will be restarting development of the ArmoredPatrolBot AI project and creating some of my own Roblox experiences.

Armored Patrol v9.5: https://www.roblox.com/games/1340132428/AP95
Armored Patrol 2 Early Access: https://www.roblox.com/games/6174859220/AP2

I've played Roblox and Armored Patrol since early 2013 on an old account.



  • Armored Patrol v9.5

    Thank you for 20M visits!!!!! 😊 We are working on Armored Patrol 2, a full rescript of this game! You can still play this version while you wait! This version 9.5 has been discontinued, it is running on 12 year old code that has become very difficult to maintain in the modern day of Roblox. Thank you for your patience. I hope you will enjoy AP 2 when it is released! Try AP 2 Early Access here: https://www.roblox.com/games/6174859220/AP2 ----------------------------- Original description: AP v9.5 is an updated version of the classic military game "Armored Patrol" by Wingman8. Over 100 changes in total, significant ones are: - High detail models - Improved mechanics - Enhanced visuals - Performance optimizations (still some issues) - New chat system Credit to Wingman8 for the original version. This game wouldn't exist today if it wasn't for his amazing work! I helped Wingman8 with debugging version 9.0 in 2017. Latest version: v9.5.68.0c (09/16/2021)

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  • Armored Patrol 2 [Early Access]

    >> v0.0.4 Patch 2 released: Major performance and hit calculation improvements, repair tool improvements. << New in v0.0.4: - Classic damage - Classic style terrain - Classic style vehicle handling Welcome to the early access world of Armored Patrol 2. This game will receive frequent updates over the course of this year. Absolutely nothing that you see here is final or complete, and many things will change. The goal for this project is to create an accurate representation of AP v9.5 with a modernized style, multi-platform compatibility, and major performance improvements. Feedback is appreciated, but please note that we are not taking suggestions until after the game reaches full-release status. Full public release is expected by 2022. The game will be FREE for everyone at that time. It will never include pay-to-win gamepasses! Latest server version: v0.0.4_P2

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