Original AP v9.1 by Wingman8 is here:
AP v9.5 can be played here:
The AP Bot's profile is here:

Armored Patrol player, YouTuber, developer of AP v9.5 and the ArmoredPatrolBot.

I helped Wingman8 with debugging AP v9.0 in July of 2017, and AP v9.1 in August of 2018.
I have played Armored Patrol since early 2013 on another account.


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  • Armored Patrol v9.5 (VIP SERVER UPDATE)

    >> VIP SERVER UPDATE (04/06) << - VIP server owners now have their own command console - Auto team balancing disabled for VIP servers - Round limit disabled for VIP servers > MORE VIP FEATURES COMING SOON AP v9.5 is a remastered version of the classic military game "Armored Patrol" by Wingman8. Over 100 changes in total, significant ones are: - High detail models - Enhanced graphics, effects, and lighting - Performance optimizations (still some issues) - New chat system Credit to Wingman8 for the original version. (v9.1) This game would not exist today if it wasn't for his amazing work! I have worked with Wingman8 on v9.0 in 2017 and v9.1 in 2018. Thank you for 4M visits! (07/02 @ 7:00 PM MST) Latest version: v9.5.67.9i (04/06/2020)

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