"So, its been a while and i'm not staying. For those whom don't know, i'm hopping back and forth a small selection of games mainly being T3ra 0nline,LoL,TF-2. Also, if you want to find me i'll be on St3am and Xf1re by the name xeonwraith. Use brain power to work out the games/program - if i remeber righty Roblox enjoy filtering these things. " - A post that was meant to be made at least a year ago.

People of the internet, never forget! When man discovered fire, he didn't run away because it was hot! He looked into the fire and saw the potential. Hence, he used the flames to set his buddy's hair on fire. NEVER FORGET.Read More


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  • -BER- Claw Fighting On Teh Mountains!

    Now with pointy claws, who can rip people apart best? Also there are rumors of an epic fly tool hidden in the land, could the glowing orbs be related?

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