Strap your bindings tight and rush down the hills in SHRED, the greatest Roblox snowboarding experience. Customize your character, unlock different mountains and challenge your friend or the world in different challenges, such as races, trick, and crash competitions! If you want to create your own CUSTOM snowboard skins, follow this step by step tutorial: Thumbnails by: IDontHaveAUse Crackop

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    Take on other players in fast-paced PvP Parkour slash-and-shooter! Make use of parkour, different power-ups and unique weaponry in this high-pulse inducing round-based game! Unlock all the achievements, and customize your loadout in many different ways. Welcome to Lazer!

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  • Sword Art Online: Project Eternity

    ~Remember to thumbs up and favourite the game, and to follow me on twitter @rblxMote for info on me and my upcoming projects!~ Co-creator: Idekay Disclaimer: This is to find bugs, so expect issues and random shut downs! (Working as hard as I can to fix them) Update Log: Floor 3! The most accurate Sword Art Online game on roblox! THIS GAME DOES HAVE A DEATH PENALTY: If you die, your levels won't be affected, but your Exp in all your skills will go back to 0. (To eat/drink food, you must unequip your sword) Official group:

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