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I'm Bringing back my no requests policy. No requests.

Atheistic pessimist extraordinaire!

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Here's a short little Bio:

National Interests: USA, Germany, Britain, France.
Current Military interests: US Navy, German Polizei.
Political views: Left leaning Libertarianism
Religion: None.Read More


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  • Kyle's World Firearms Market

    I'm in a bit of a Creative Slum right now so I'll be making custom guns and vehicles for the next few releases. Welcome to the World Firearms Market. A locally owned and operated gun store aimed at providing Robloxians with Safe and Quality guns for more than a year. We don't use any big gun corporations in our products and pride ourselves on being 100% NRA free. So stop on by, we're always glad to see you. Disclaimer: Weapons, Buildings and Vehicles shown here are free models. Each model is of different scripting and quality. Building methods have changed over the course of the past year. Gun Scripts Are made by MuYhEt and TurboFusion

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  • Sandstone Empire: Berhich

    Sansian Forces are deep into Enemy lines. The Berhichian army is beginning to crumble from the Sansian victory at Sej. The 9th Calvary has forced Enemy armor into the heart of the country.One push is all that's left. Time to get to work.

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  • Kyle's World Vehicles Market

    I made this to give the vehicles I made a place to be sold so I can give my other products some Room. All vehicles are Static models. Not all models shown here have purchase scripts in them yet. Regardless all models here are for sale.

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  • [MS] Edalinne (WIP)

    (Name was changed due to copyright concerns) A sort of Heaven in Falsche Erda, a safe point for the Administrators of the Ecumene Project from the tyrannical Kiaban forces and their quest for power. Ecumene Guard [MS]: Stop the Kiaban forces from taking over the city. Kiaban army: Clear out anything that stands between you and total Domination.

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