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  • DoveClan

    This is a Warrior Cats Roleplay ( RP ) DoveClan is a clan located in mountains where there is enough prey to go around. (SOME SURROUNDING CLANS) (EchoClan) Leader- Cottonstar, Deputy- Dawnstorm (LeafClan) Leader- Oakstar, Deputy- Lilystorm (CaveClan)Leader- Raggedstar, Deputy- Smallclaw (RISING DAWN||allies) (GEMS||enemies) Popular spots within the territory include -Jagged Rocks(named after an old leader who had been killed there) -Jagged river(beside the rocks obviously) -the waterfall(and the grove beside it) Prey includes - rabbits - plentiful birds - some mice Possible threats include - some foxes - a few badgers - the rare mountain lion - Twoleg dogs Territorial conflicts include - rock slides

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  • Blood Stones

    A group of cats that have taken to living in the center of four clan. The Blood Stones are rougues that are led by the viscous Marigold. They live in the meeting spot of two mountains in a cave-like place the clans call the Joining Rocks.

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  • Supernatural

    **TAG YOUR SPOILERS!!** -------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi! This is the biggest Supernatural fan group on ROBLOX! If you have never watched Supernatural I highly suggest you watch it, It's a series about mythical creatures, Such as Demons, Spirits, Vampires And more! Supernatural is about two brothers who follow their father's footsteps as "hunters" fighting evil supernatural beings of many kinds including monsters, demons, and gods that roam the earth. -------------------------------------------------------------------- If you have any questions about anything, go here: -------------------------------------------------------------------- Play this awesome game by Hunter6466: It's the bunker!! -------------------------------------------------------------------- Join "The Supernatural Army"!

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  • Rising Dawn (A Warriors Roleplaying Group)

    Welcome to Rising Dawn. We are a group of rogues, that believe in STC and follow many of the Clan's customs and ways. We are far from any clan, living in a dense forest, with a small grassy plain on one side, and the Twoleg Place on the other. Leader(s): Dog and Snake (Luxrey) Deputy/Second in Command: Prince (3ridan) Medicine Cat: Lost (Deputy100) Medicine Cat App: Mirania (Queen) Season: Green-Leaf When you join, please go here, and fill out the form. We are trying to keep Rising Dawn as noob-free as possible. If you don't reply within 2 weeks, you will be removed from the group.

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  • EchoClan (Warrior Cats)

    First owner was HandOfSantaCruz, EchoClan is now in the hands of Neatkat EchoClan dwell in the high mountains east of MoonClan and CreekClan territories and south of the Loners' forest. Cliffs scatter the sides of the mountains, and grass-covered slopes rise and fall and level off at various points. Because the slopes of the mountain and other sections as well are rocky, EchoClan cats have coarse pads. As the inclines are often steep, they also have strong hind legs. They are typically lean because prey is scarcer than in the other Clans, especially during leaf-bare, and fast because of little cover on the flat plains. ******************************************************************************* Leader: Dawnstar (Neatkat) Deputy: (megatronmichael) Med cat- Goosefeather (LadyMoo) EchoPool (HandOfSantaCruz Med cat apprentice- (Angelinamariafedele) PLEASE INVITE YOUR FRIENDS TO JOIN!

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