I'm a 12 year Roblox veteran, I joined in November 2007! Follow me to message me, I have 16,000+ followers! 43,350,000+ total place visits and a 22,000+ member group! You can play any one of my 6 games below shown in my favorites! RIP Krusty Krab Tycoon 11.6M visits 10/6/2020


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  • Soldiers Vs. Zombies WAR

    💸 HUGE SAVINGS ON ALL GAMEPASSES FOR A LIMITED TIME! DONT MISS OUT! 💸 💸 Use code: BRAINZ for +$1500 💸 🧟 NEW CODE AT 2000 LIKES 🧟 ⚡ EARN 1.5X XP EVERY WEEKEND! ⚡ 👨‍🏭 BE A SOLDIER and unlock weapons by slaying zombies! ☢️ BE A ZOMBIE and become more powerful by attacking humans! 🎖️ Earn combat medals for making your way onto the Top 100 Player Leaderboards! 🔥 6+ PLAYERS ARE RECOMMENDED PER SERVER FOR THE BEST EXPERIENCE 👍 Join the group for bonus XP and daily rewards! ⚡ Earn 10% BONUS XP and Money for playing with a friend! Up to 5 friends for 50% BONUS XP and Money! ⭐ Reach the Commander rank to be able to apply for moderator! 🛠️ Update log:

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  • 📜 Adventure Simulator

    ⚔️ EVERYTHING ON SALE FOR 60%+ OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! DON'T MISS OUT! ⚔️ 🚨 USE CODE: "ADVENTURE" FOR $1,000 🚨 📙 Guide: ⚔️ MASTER YOUR SKILLS ⚔️ - ⚔️ Train your Combat skill by swinging swords! - 🌲 Train your Woodcutting skill by chopping trees! - 💀 Train your Slayer skill by slaying! - ⛏️ Train your Mining skill by mining! - 🏃‍♂️ Train your Agility skill by doing obbies! - 🛠️ Sell the Resources you get from training for coins! 🤠 COMPLETE THE ADVENTURE 🤠 - 🏹 Hunt for Treasure and Secret Obbies! - 📜 Complete Quests for XP! - 💎 Collect Gems to purchase XP Lamps to boost your XP! - 🏆 Reach Level 100 in a skill to unlock a Skill Cape! - 👑 Unlock Skill Hoods at Skill Cape Level 5! 🛠️BROKEN🛠️ - 🥇 Compete for 1st on the Top 10 Leaderboard! tags: adventure, simulator, RPG, roleplay, dungeon, warrior, sword, combat, slayer, mining, lumber, tree, legends, simulator, simulator, simulator, simulator

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  • 21M!+ Alien Simulator

    🤩 MASSIVE SUPER SALE 🤩 >> TAKE ADVANTAGE OF HUGE DISCOUNTS ON ALL GAMEPASSES FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! << 🌕 UNLOCK THE FUTURISTIC MOON CITY AT 1,000 POWER!!!! 💖 GAMEPASSES ON SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME! 💥 Destroy buildings with rockets! 👽 Abduct citizens and fight other aliens for money! 🛸 Customize your UFO with over 80+ options! 🚁 Army Helicopters want to stop your invasion! 💪 Upgrade your stats to become more powerful! 💖 Buy new UFOs for more health! 👮 Safe mode is now LOCKED after Power Level 200 👍 Drop a like on the game if you want new UFOs added! 👍 ⭐ TRY OUR NEW GAME ☢️ SOLDIERS VS. ZOMBIES tags: alien simulator, alien simulator, alien, invasion, incursion, simulator, uvni, ufo, moon, earth, space, destruction, destroy, fun, new, pets, tycoon, roleplay, rpg, life, pvp, pve, city, explode, simulator, simulator, simulator, simulator, simulator, simulator

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