Summer of 2015

well, loads of old online friends made their own bios about how they quit so heres mine i guess. it was an over decade long ride, from sometime in 2009, until towards the end of 2020 where my interaction with roblox had seemed to reach a particular halt. throughout the years there were always these times where i was off and on again, but this seems truly different. got into the world of an adult, and grown away from the online life as much as the roblox life- obviously, seeing as roblox contributed to most of this so called online life. long journey, what can i say- there were loads of different aspects with roblox, from group communities, to development, to random game activities, making loads of online friendships. we can't all stay forever on here unless we do it for greater purposes. though were i to sum it up, i thought it was truly fun.
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