Hey, I'm tyytu!

Well its time that I go on to the bigger and better things in life; Actual progress. That's right, I'm finally retiring. After nearly 10 years of activity on Roblox, I'm finally retiring. With this I officially announce that I will release some of my old projects for the public to be able to make their own "remodeling." Unfortunately, 1620 Hennessey Ridge Dr. will not be part of this list of projects #Sorrynotsorry. Of course, many of you are wondering, why? Because I want to leave a legacy. I want to thank all my supporters over the years and all the people I've been so fortunate to work with. I now have bigger and better things ahead of me. 

And my final official message to you all is this; Keep striving for greatness. Roblox seems to only favor mediocrity over good design. Lastly, I want to inspire all of you to be humble, and to never give up on a build. Just play with the ideas in your mind and let yourself shine. (Also credit my work.)

With love, 
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  • - Pioneer -

    5th Installment of tyytu's Horrid yet greatly improved house collection. This might be my final one possibly ending my nearly 8 year involvement in Roblox. While I made no deep impact before my leaving, I simply what to thank those who critiqued me to help me improved and those who cheered me on when things were done. Again, keep giving me suggestions and support as its what I appreciate most with public involvement. Thank you, everyone!! P.s. BLAZETHEViXEN is a fraud (unfortunately) who's currently banned me from his games for some odd reason. Way to create a welcoming atmosphere after taking my game. Ever feel guilty? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anticipated Completion: End of April 2015 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Special thanks to: ~Subzeroalphaq for pushing the creative and aesthetics envelope (like the globes, The curved TV, and the ambience. thank h

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  • Project Timber

    An aesthetics take on a penthouse. Using Roblox's new offerings in making games realistic such as light shafts, camera blur, and various constraints, I'm in the workings to make a new house. As the year is drawing to a close, I thought it would be fun to just mess around with the new constraints. Project Timber will be more than just a home, but an analysis on aesthetic, and the setting of a vibe. Expect all constraint fixtures to be kinetic. Oh, also do not expect this project to be free to the public. Happy Holidays! -tyytu

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  • 1620 Hennessey Ridge Dr. (House #3/#4)

    Inspiration taken from 1620 Carla Ridge, In Beverly Hills. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- tyytu's third official house. Started 8/19/14 and anticipated completion is December of 2014. But Pretty much done If you don't count the Pool Deck. Other than that, Its good as done :) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feel Free to do what you want at my house. However, by no means do I support online dating whatsoever. However, do enjoy yourself, and tell me what you think I should do for my next house :) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Structure December 2014 ✓ -Furnishing Summer 2015 ✓ I will now be submitting this for [RAR] inspection. Thank you for your time.

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  • Porte

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