---------- URGENT! ----------
I need a couple scripts made ASAP, please message me if you make scripts, and we'll talk. 
---------- URGENT! ----------

Hey guys, check out my  game if you want I do retextures, make logos, buttons, icons and basically any other graphics you can think of, if you want me to design you something, I might make it for free depending on how hard the job is, message me if you want.

Accept all friend requests? - No
Read my messages - Yes
Play your game - Maybe
Make you graphics - Maybe
Build for you - Maybe
Donate to you - No

--- Skills ---
Scripting - 2/10
Building - 7/10
Animation - 1/10
Graphics - 8/10Read More

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  • RC World {V3.08}

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  • The King's Fable [0.08]

    This game is way before pre-alpha stage, so it's not really functioned, especially because I'm still building the map. The logo above and title are both unofficial. 12% Completed Latest Updates: --- 0.08 --- - Added cutscenes. - Updated map. --- 0.04 --- - Finished the waterfall for now. - Massively updated the mountain section of the map. - Created regeneration (regen) buttons for the horses. - Added a secret "Easter Egg" part of the map (Will add a badge if I get BC). - Changed GUI visuals. - Added time change and time display GUI. - Added entry GUI. - Made the temporary logo. - Fixed a few GUI bugs. - Added fancy screenshot. (May not be visible yet due to the image not being accepted by the moderators yet). Tags (Ignore): Halo Wars ODST Call of duty Modern Warfare Bioshock Assassins Creed AC Crysis Red Faction Racing Driving Cars Car Fun Epic Awesome Cool Race Skyrim Minecraft COD Red Dead Redemption lol rofl omg G

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  • Blow Up Stuff for Fun! NEW!

    V.I.P. coming soon!

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