• Overnight [Story]

    🔥 JOIN THE GROUP FOR A FREE GIFT IN-GAME!!/about 🎈 Welcome to Overnight! In this brand new STORY GAME, you're invited, in a group of 3-12, to spend the night 💤 at the new kid's house. With his parents out of town for the weekend, there's nothing that could possibly get in the way of your party... or is there? ⭐ PLAY THE PREQUEL TODAY: 🐻 Having trouble surviving? Consider purchasing the "Safety Bear" or "Running Shoes" gamepasses! 👍 If you enjoyed the game and want another, leave a like! ☠️ WARNING: This game contains some scary content and flashing lights! ⛺ Inspired by SamsonXVI's game "Camping". Previously named "Sleepover".

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