• (X-MAS) Overnight [Story]

    **NEW DISKURD LINK IN SOCIAL LINKS!** 🎈 Welcome to Overnight! In this brand new STORY GAME, you're invited, in a group of 5-12, to spend the night at the new kid's house. With his parents out of town for the weekend, there's nothing that could possibly get in the way of your party... or is there? 🐻 Having trouble surviving? Consider purchasing the "Safety Bear" or "Running Shoes" gamepasses! 👍 If you enjoyed the game and want another, leave a like! ☠️ WARNING: This game contains some scary content and flashing lights! ⛺ Inspired by SamsonXVI's game "Camping". Overnight Prequel: *formerly named "Sleepover", name was changed to comply with Roblox TOS

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