Hi, I'm Egroce. (ee - grohz) pronounce it right or i'll find you.

My avatar is a penguin, I know.
My username is also odd, from what I've heard.

People keep asking me about my gender so here is your answer: maybe 


Building: I have no idea, it depends on how you view it. I think I'm pretty decent. 
Scripting: I have past experience with coding, but I'm still getting used to lua and Roblox scripting. 
Gaming: I'm pretty good at puzzle games, but I'm not good at FPS games.
Grammar: what i feel, when i feel
Breathing: 0/10 help me


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  • The Express Express

    Every time I add something to this game, a bunch of other features get broken. Please tell me about glitches you encounter or anything that seems broken, as this game is still in development. It's a very very fast train. Seriously. The map is infinitely generated, so the train can go a long ways before glitching out.

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  • The Mirror

    Staring at yourself for too long in the dark yields terrifying results. The mirror is normal, it is your mind that becomes distorted. Based off a real psychological phenomena.

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  • Infecc The Town

    Go around and "Infecc" all the citizens of Roblox's City template. The game is glitchy, and I will attempt to fix it, please endure the glitches. Update 3/17/2019: - Added a health bar - Added a 3D view of your character - Made the infection bar a bit smoother - Fixed some issues with spawning - Added "tough" people who will fight back - NPCs and the player can now die properly - Added some sounds Update 5/27/2018: - More NPC names - NPCs now wear hats - NPCs can now speak - Added sprinting and stamina - Improved AI a tiny bit - Added leaderboard stats

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  • My Amazing Testing World

    i just make things here have fun

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