• Survive the Epic Disasters!

    Disaster variations have been added! Instead of a normal disaster happening, there is a chance of a slightly different one occurring instead. So far, variations have been added for 13 disasters. If you have an idea for new or existing variations, send me a message. Other disaster and UI-related changes were made as well. 💎If you find any further bugs or glitches, and are in the first 3 to report that bug/glitch to me, you may be rewarded with gems💎 Don't forget to give this game a thumb up! "New growth cannot exist without first the destruction of the old."- Guru Laghima Your coins save for 15 minutes. All icons and pictures represent disasters that can be encountered in the game. If you yourself would like to be removed from the Morph Gui, send me a message. Attributions: https://devforum.roblox.com/t/attributions/1516520

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