• 1867 Historical Role Play

    Retrace the footsteps of our ancestors in an 1867 reconstruction of Victorian Luxembourg. Race through the streets on a ‘Boneshaker’ velocipede, fly through the air on a steampunk flying machine or paddle down the river and view the city from the safety of your very own rowing boat. There are more than 100 badges to be won from around this beautiful Victorian city. Can you clear the rats from the courtyard and pick up pure from the streets, to earn some money for food? After all, you must eat (find some food) and drink (find a bottle) as you explore - or you may die. Beware of rogues, ghosts, deadly traps and other dangers! This game is based on an authentic reconstruction of 1867 Luxembourg. Historical documents and photographs have been used throughout, to create an authentic impression of what the city would have looked like during the mid-nineteenth century. https://devforum.roblox.com/t/1476795

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