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  • Pokemon Arena X "Back Room"

    X14: Here, we share any game strategies and discuss behind-the-scenes stuff of the game. Follow PAX @PokemonArenaX14 on Twitter for the latest news and stuff! Notes(for myself, outdated): The speed stat will only account for attack speed, slightly walk-speed. Any Pokemon can swim, but types weak to the water-type will take damage. Diving is for Pokemon with dive. Items cannot be given to a Pokemon when outside of the hub. One-use held items will be returned in hub if used outside. Past DLC will be usable in some form.

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  • squrtle sqaud

    This group is for kewl kats

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      cool squirtle
  • The Moosicorn

    The Moosicorn are a rare species of animal. We are hybrids of unicorns and moose. Moosicorn migrated from the continent of Mornia many years ago to Robloxia. They were hunted for their horns and pelts. Nowadays there are many less hunters, but those who are hunters usually do not catch many Moosicorn, as we are agile in the wilderness and we eat lots of moose gubbles which give us an extra sugar rush! Twitter: moosicorn_rblx Discord: /GkQeYaW Want more Lore? RULES: YouTube: TheMoosicornROBLOX

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  • Zee Bawx

    Join us as we expand horizons in GMD Corp,

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  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!

    Have you caught the pony fever? If so, then join the My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Fan Group! This is also a great place to discuss your pony OC, so talking about it or showing pictures of it is encouraged. PLEASE READ THIS: You will start out as Earth Pony. Earth Pony, Pegasus and Unicorn are equal in rank. If you wish to change ranks to Pegasus or Unicorn, please contact someone in the MODERATOR rank. (NOT Co-owner!) Really active people will be ranked up to Group Brony. You can post anything about My Little Pony, but we do have some rules! - No NSFW - No violence - No spamming - No advertising - Be nice to each other <3 --- Keywords: ponies brony bronies Lauren Faust MLP FiM Twilight Sparkle Rarity Fluttershy Rainbow Dash Pinkie Pie Apple Jack Ponyville Cloudsdale Equestria alicorn Luna Celestia princess

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