Hello! I am yourock101, a 18 year old game developer and I would like to be able to develop games for a living when i'm older. Roblox is a logical step forward. Thank you all for supporting my work, it means so much to me. If you have questions or want to suggest a feature, send me a message, I read them all.

My “previous username” was a prank on my friends a year ago for less than 24 hours, I switched back to my original username after that.Read More

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    Fight against other players, take on giants, or fuse with other players to gain strength. Now with weapons and hats and bosses, oh my! If you purchased money in game and it didn't give you it, that was my fault. I gave you twice the money you purchased if you didn't get it before. If you know anyone that had this problem, please let them know that I gave the money to them. Also, if you notice any bugs, please let me know by messaging me. Thanks! If you have a suggestion for the game, just message me. I read all of my messages. If you're interested, you could go check out my profile to learn more about me and see my other games. My real life friend Olivia made the amazing thumbnail.

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