Goals On ROBLOX
[X] = No [A] = Accomplished

Play ROBLOX For 2 Years [A]
Become Image Moderator [X] (Thats one of my biggest goals)
Get 100 Visits [A]
Get 1000 Visits [X]
Get a game on First Page [X]

I'm a Christian Rocker! =D

NCIS Team: Sick Puppies

Current Agents: Deltapatrick8245 and Me
Former Agents: 567Dolphin765 and Korbin57

Top 10 Favorite Bands

10. Black Veil Brides
9. AFI
8. Switchfoot
7. Flyleaf
6. Breaking Benjamin
5. August Burns Red
4. Rage Against The Machine
3. Chevelle
2. Destroy The Runner
1. Sick Puppies


  • Milan Manor Restarting!

    I'm restarting on my home. The Original got to laggy. This one is gonna have a TON more of stairs. The Beach is still the same. My room mates are Rampardos, GeneralTrumbo, Lolzinator, Archetrix, Dollar99, JohnConnor30, dudekool, deltapatrick8254, robobuilder4885, Turkeylegz, and Monkatore. UPDATES: Added 3rd Floor with more rooms, recording studio, and a bigger dining area with kitchen. On the 1st floor I'm adding pool tables, and much more!

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