• HideNSeek (v1.0-BETA)

    Find the keys and escape the building before the seeker finds you. This is my first Roblox game. If you like it, please donate by purchasing a game pass on the Store tab, and we will be motivated to add more maps, characters, and other features to make it even better! PM bugs and ideas to mikesmullin. We check our inbox daily. HIDER CONTROLS: 1 or RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON = Toggle flashlight on/off LEFT MOUSE BUTTON = Interact; toggle doors/drawers, pick up keys, search bodies FORWARD-SLASH (/) = Chat; but beware, seeker can see it! SEEKER CONTROLS: 1 = Toggle between ghost mode and physical mode LEFT MOUSE BUTTON = Attack players or interact with doors/drawers FORWARD-SLASH (/) = Chat Join the official fan group to share tips, ideas, and strategies: http://www.roblox.com/Groups/group.aspx?gid=2677864

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