welcome to my profile!🎵🎵
✧ i am nihiri (nih-HEER-ree), asriel, ralsei, blast, or blaster.
✧ my pronouns are mainly she/her but i can also go by they/them or blast/blaster!
✧ i played roblox since 12/21/2011 - 6/19/2015 (as PikachuGirl221).
✧ gamer, artist, and weird fangirl
✧ cultist in CoV (member since Jan 2019)
✧ default face enthusiast
✧ my major aesthetics are weirdcore, steampunk, dieselpunk, webcore, nightcore, and kidcore!
✧ i have a fixation for buff characters, grim reapers, pile bunkers, neon colors, stim toys, weird anime figures, eldritch horrors, and lost media.
✧ i also dream of game designing (not on roblox) and collecting Maplestory, Pokemon, Lupin III, and Splatoon merch.
besides this game, i also play MapleStory, Pokemon Sword, Splatoon 2, etc. therefore, it's more or less common for me to play roblox.
in addition, i do not recommend friending me solely due to my appearance.


  • generic vaporwave themed room

    so this is mostly a "showcase" (basically uses library meshes with some hand-made models) but u can donate if u like. :P i mostly built this out of boredom, but i don't rlly dev much bc i easily get bored over it.

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